Typhoon Haiyan causes great damage in the Philippines

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

The Philippines were hit hard by a disastrous typhoon on Saturday, Nov. 9 which impacted Northeastern Vietnam first and took everyone by surprise. On Tuesday, Nov. 12 the government raised the official death toll to 1,744, but with the amount of scattered bodies surrounding the land, the estimated toll will be much higher. According to the International Red Cross, a realistic estimate of the amount of dead people across the Philippines could be about 10,000.

“I have a few close friends that have family in the Philippines, so even though it’s geographically so far away, the emotional damages really hit home,” said senior Samantha Sun.

The damage of typhoon Haiyan is devastating; leaving the people surrounded by collapsed buildings gasping for water and food. The National Police and military sent reinforcements after witnessing drastic and violent attempts to get supplies; including thefts such as breaking into grocery stores and cash machines in the city.

“I am truly sorry for everyone who has relatives back in the Philippines. It makes me realize that anything can happen and we need to spend as much time doing the things we love,” said junior Alex Moss.

Supply and aid relief efforts began to improve on Weds. Nov. 13, but there are still delays on food, water, and medical supplies.

Students at Tigard are affected by the disaster and many of them have family members in the Philippines; including senior Erick Durano.

“I think that it’s terrible what people are having to go through over there. There has been little relief and the people aren’t just trying to survive but some are doing it with dead loved ones nearby, it’s literally like a scene from hell,” said Durano.

Durano has old friends back in the Philippines and has no way of knowing what happened to them.

“I think everyone should do something to help, they don’t have to contribute tangible things because even getting the word out about what happened and making people aware of the situation can make a big difference,” said Durano.

Right now he is working on a project to get a t shirt out to support those in need of the necessities.

There are many opportunities around the community to help the victims of the typhoon by donating money for supplies.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Philippines,” said Moss.