The sound of no music

By Linh Le, Staff Writer

When one walks into school a few minutes before the first period bell starts, it’s easy to lose track of time when  you’re frantically running to the lockers to grab a textbook you need for first period. Luckily, there’s music playing over the P.A. system signaling two minutes until class starts. This has been the Tigard High School bell system the school has been using for years. Until now.

Since the first day of school, students have noticed something different about school. It wasn’t the hallways, classroom sizes, or the new lunches. It was the new bell system. The school district wanted to get rid of the original bell system that was many years old and replaced it with a new one.

However, the new bell system was causing problems such as music blasting loudly in classrooms and not being able to shut off the music immediately after the passing time period was over. Because of this, the school decided to temporarily shut off the passing time music. This has been in effect since Nov. 1.

Before the passing time music was cut off, a percentage of the students had mixed feelings about the music selection. One day a Justin Timberlake song would be playing and “The Fox” would be playing the next. Even though passing time music was put in place to have students get to class on time, some use it to get through the day.

“I wish [the bell system] had music like last year,” junior Camille Riggs criticized.

Junior Omar Pelaez joked, “The music selection should have included Lil B.”

Without passing time music, some have been late to class. There has been an argument that high schoolers should learn to be responsible and on time to class by now. However, it is difficult for some because they may lose track of time when talking to friends during passing time. Many students have been very negative towards the school shutting off the music.

“I actually really liked passing time music,” freshman Cindy Le reminisced. “Without it, the day seems a lot more boring.”

The school is quickly trying to get the new bell system fixed so students and also teachers can have the passing time music back.

“Because [the music] played in the classrooms it was very loud and hard to hear people talking,” said receptionist Shari Balcom. “We’re wanting to have music turn off in classrooms.”