Veterans Assembly Leaves Tears in the Eyes of all of THS

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

Those who fought hard for our country were honored on Friday, Nov. 1 during Tigard High School’s annual veterans assembly. The assembly began with the national anthem being sung by junior Cheyenne Dela Cruz, with choralation. The T.H.S. orchestra followed her performance. The veterans gathered in the center of the gym, facing the stage where senior emcees Ernest-James “EJ” Albaugh and Cameron Yarnell stood. Due to some technical difficulties, the video meant to honor the veterans was delayed till the end of the assembly.

“It is great that our school takes time to honor people who have served our country,” said senior Britta Stewart.

Tigard not only has students whose parents have fought in a war, but staff members Charles Laiti, Steven Fulton, Diana Thompson, and Gus Jaramillo who are also veterans.

The assembly continued with letters from veterans who have sacrificed their life for their country being read aloud. The audience remained silent and respectful as the letters were read, which touched everyone who was apart of the assembly.

As the assembly came to an end with an emotional video, T.H.S. students made their way to the center of the gym to gratefully thank the veterans.