Students pledge to make healthy decisions during Red Ribbon Week

Students pledge to make healthy decisions during Red Ribbon Week

By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

As tradition, this week,  S.T.U.D.D (Stop Tigard Underage Drinking and Drugs) promotes healthy decisions and being drug-free.

Events for this week include pledge hand printing and tulip planting.

S.T.U.D.D. leader, sophomore Morgan Chamberlain said, “Red Ribbon week has been a success in the past and I am really excited for this year.”

Hand printing took place on Tuesday Oct. 29 during both lunches, where students painted their hand with red to symbolize their pledge to stay drug-free. They then signed their name next to their hand and were given a bracelet to remember their promise.

S.T.U.D.D leader senior Drew Bankston exclaims, “it was really rewarding to see how many students pledged to be drug-free. I am thrilled that over 100 students were so excited to show their support for the cause.”

The pledge posters with the hand prints will be hung around the school to show student support for Red Ribbon Week.

Also happening this week is the annual Tulip Planting at Alberta Rider on Wednesday Oct. 30. High school students will demonstrate to elementary students the importance of making healthy decisions. The youngsters will also be given a chance to plant a red tulip symbolizing their promise to make healthy decisions.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the kids again this year and how excited they are about planting the bulbs, said S.T.U.D.D. leader senior Danielle Gedusky.  “They really look up to us.”