Treat for Tigard: homecoming parade

Treat for Tigard: homecoming parade

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Anticipation for homecoming is all around us. Girls are determined to shop till they drop for perfect dresses, shoes, and accenting jewelry, while guys come up with creative ways to pop the “will you go with me” question. Many students look forward to the pink out homecoming game, taking place at Tigard High School against the Newberg Tigers. One event created to delight the town of Tigard is the Homecoming Parade that happens every year.

During the parade, clubs from T.H.S. ride on floats, walk, or even bike ride on Durham road, starting from Albertsons and going all the way to the high school. Each club had a specific theme, which was incorporated in their floats, music, and even what they were wearing.

Junior thespian Paris Courtney commented, “Our theme was denim on denim… on denim.”

Other clubs were more exposed, such as the water polo team, who rode on a float in their speedos. The crowd couldn’t restrain from giggling and cheering for the revealing team.

“It was really entertaining to see people put themselves out there,” declared freshman Dante Friesan after the parade.

Groups participating made certain to include the crowd. Spectators received endless shout-outs, candy, and laughter from the involved students. One alliance, well-known for their candy distribution, danced their way through the parade while putting awe into some viewers’ eyes.

“It was fun to see all the kids smiling!” exclaimed sophomore Tigerette Claire Atwood.

As the last float came up the street, the crowd started dispersing. Students and visitors, plenty decked out in pink clothing, began making their way to the Tigard stadium to achieve prime football game seats for the game, which will be the last action-packed event before the “Night in the Big City” themed homecoming dance.

Senior Megan Shaw exclaimed, “[The parade] was super festive and brought the whole town out!”