Lunchtime challenges provided to get students pumped for Homecoming


By Luis Gutierrez, Staff Writer

One of the goals of Homecoming week is to get students excited and involved. To kick things off, lunchtime challenges will be taking place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during both lunches at the commons. All events will be free, but limited to a certain amount of people; there will be no sign ups, so it’s first come, first serve.

The first event, Tuesday, is the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Challenge. This challenge consists of three students stuffing their faces with spicy Buffalo wings. The person who eats the most spicy buffalo wings will not only get a free meal, but will also be immortalized in the wall of fame.

The event for Wednesday is homecoming twister. This challenge is leadership’s very own version of twister, which will be kept secret until the event.

Thursday’s event will be the homecoming grape-throwing contest. This contest involves two people standing a certain distance away from each other. One will throw a grape and get it in the other person’s mouth. With each successful grape toss, the two people have tow get farther apart. In this game, you will get three lives, or three grapes hitting the ground.

There will be no game on Friday; however there will be a hand-print pledge for breast cancer awareness during both lunches. Students will also be able to purchase and carve pink pumpkins at the tiger cage. Then at the game people will get to vote for which pumpkin is better carved.

Leadership said that the point for these games is to get the student body more involved with school activities.

Miranda Yarnell said,”[The events are to see] Who’s the toughest tiger.”