2013-2014 best and most winners

By Jamie Burgess, Yearbook Editor

Best hair:
Jett Even and Camille Petitjean

Best dressed:
Tate Watson and Austin Scrivner

Best laugh:
Jacob Mullen and Lindsey Rosette

Best smile:
Marty Ramos and Megan Bither

Most artistic:
Euri Oh and Zachary Larson

Most likely to win a Grammy:
Hannah Portwood and Cory Floom

Most likely to win an Oscar:

Paul Harestad and Nina Williams

Most likely to be elected president:
Nina Williams and Nick Jones

Biggest hipster:
Emily Shook and Harrison Herzog

Most spirited:
Ernest James Albaugh and Melissa Keenan

Most athletic:
Alexis Carter and Areil Hotchkins

Most likely to be on reality TV:
Tessa Rose and Damian Vonahlefeld

Best sense of humor:
Hadi Rahal-Arabi and Khanh Linh Le