Visit the great outdoor… school!

Visit the great outdoor... school!

By Linh Le, Staff Writer

Love nature, helping kids, and being a leader all at the same time? Then being an Outdoor School counselor is the perfect opportunity for you.

Outdoor School lasts for about a week. As a counselor, four hours will be spent each day helping sixth-graders learn more about nature through hands-on group activities. Helping kids isn’t the only thing happening at outdoor school. Volunteers will also be given the chance to create new friendships and learn how to be in a leadership role. Some fun activities that will be done at O.D.S. include: aquatic animal collection and identification, animal tracking, night hikes, and much more.

No experience is needed to be a counselor. The only thing needed is a positive attitude and the willingness to lead children and enjoy the great outdoors. If interested, visit the counseling office to sign up. There will be two forms available: one for new counselors and one for returning counselors. There is also a brochure with additional information.

“It was really fun teaching the little kids and hanging out with other counselors [at outdoor school],” said senior Monica Rogoz, a former Outdoor School counselor. “I went to [Camp] Magruder which was at the beach and it was a blast!” Rogoz is planning to return back to O.D.S. next spring.