TV’s fall premiers kick off

By Sydney White, Staff Writer

During a long day it’s nice to have something to look forward at the end it. So whether you love criminal or comedy shows, here’s your guide to the shows premiering this fall.

The show of artists singing their way to the top, season 5 of the Voice kicked off on NBC on Monday, Sept. 23. Adding to the talent, the X Factor showed Wednesday, Sept. 11 on FOX. Dancing with the Stars, a competition about dancing, obviously, aired on Monday, Sept. 16 on CTV. Switching it up a bit, if you’re more into comedy, the show New Girl began Tuesday, Sept. 17 on FOX. If you did happen to miss these premieres, be sure to check the channels websites to watch them online.

Now what we really want to know, when are the premiers that haven’t already passed? Of many people’s favorites, Law and Order SVU, season 15 is premiering Wednesday, Sept. 25 at  9 p.m. on NBC. Tagging along with SVU in the hard-hitting category, is Criminal Minds. Season 9 premieres on the same date and time on CBS. If you’re a CSI fan but aren’t sure about the premier date, it’s on CBS Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. On another note, Modern Family, the upbeat comedy show on ABC premiers at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Fall has just begun and that means the TV shows are starting up also. Makes sure to check up on the new season of your favorite show.