Peter Pan saves the day at this year’s prom assembly

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

On Wednesday May 8, leadership kicked off this week’s prom festivities with an a.m. assembly. Much like this year’s prom theme, Night in Neverland, the assembly was also Peter Pan themed. The emcees, senior Robby Chabreck dressed up as Peter Pan and junior Cameron Yarnell dressed up as Captain Hook. The assembly began with a video that introduced this year’s prom court; Yarnell (as Hook) cleverly stealing each Prom Prince and Princess. After the video, leadership screened senior Ryan Floom’s film, Bright Shadows.The assembly also consisted of lots of dancing. The Tigerettes did their infamous annual boys routine. Shortly after, Chabreck (as Pan) challenged Yarnell (as Hook) to a dance duel, they were joined by juniors Erick Durano, Nathaniel Ditton, and Elijah Simon. Peter Pan won the duel (of course), and Hook was forced to give back the prom court. This years prom court include seniors: Haley Bernard, Rei Nukaga, Haylee Winden, Meeka Mayhew, Julia Santos, Will Schaer, Alec Malnati, Cain Adams, John Walker, and Ryan Floom.