Celebration of Academic Achievements during Tiger Pride Week


By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Last week marked the celebration of student academic achievements at Tigard High. Each day, student were given notes to leave class to enjoy treats such as cake, doughnuts, and ice cream. Students were nominated by teachers in the following categories: Tiger Pride, Most Improved, Service, Attendance,  and 3.75+ G.P.A.

Tiger Pride Week wasn’t just a week for recognizing academics though, it was also a chance for student to show their school spirit. Students came to school on Wednesday and Thursday in fan wear, one day was for Tigard apparel and another was for college apparel.

Finally, to finish off the week, students were again recognized for their excellence at the Tiger Pride Assembly on May 3. Some individuals, groups, and teams alike were given special attention at the assembly with special awards and recognition.