Concert Choir takes home first place in the League Choir Competition

By Lauren Schrader, Staff Writer

The members of concert choir worked their way towards the top and victoriously took home first place in the League Choir Competition on April 9 against various other high schools.

“It was important that we had fun with the songs and just believed in ourselves,” said Cheyenne Delacruz, sophomore and member of concert choir.

As early as January, the students began practicing for the competition which was held at Century High School. They sang in front of three judges as well as schools such as Forest Grove, Tualatin, and Newberg among others. Their performance was given a score from 1-100 and they got scores of 86, 91, and 93.

“Ms. Hale is a great teacher. She had us train a lot and had high expectations of us,” said sophomore Liz Irving. ”I think its cool as a class to narrow in our focus and actually have something to set your sights on and work towards and I also think we have a shot at doing really well this year.”

Tigard’s first place victory has guaranteed them a spot at State Championships. The other schools wanting to attend state will have to audition through tapes that will be sent in and judged. The state competition will be held in May.