Seniors: Events to look forward to before graduation

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

As the year is coming to an end, seniors’ anticipation is growing, and the overall mentality of senioritis is taking over students in waves. They chat in the halls excitedly about next year’s roommates and the freedom they will soon taste. They seem to already be ahead of themselves, past graduation at some college orientation or at work making some serious money, excited to begin the new chapter in their life. There are only a few main events left that are keeping students heads here in the halls of THS. These events are something to look forward to, like stepping stones leading up to graduation.

Pride week is one of the soonest. Every year Rachel Edwards with the help of other THS staff organize a week to celebrate academic achievement. Categories include most improved and most spirited. Prizes and awards are announced at the annual assembly, and is one of the last assemblies that seniors (and other students) get recognized for outstanding achievements. After this week steps to graduation become more frequent.

Senior skip day, a more of an unofficial tradition for senior students, is also coming up. So far, the date floating around facebook is April 22. This is the day before the ACT test, which seniors have off anyway. If you like the idea of a four day weekend make sure to make your voice heard in the next few weeks. A few other items that haven’t been declared yet are the senior prank and gift.

Prom, the last dance for seniors, will be on Saturday, May 11 this year. Ladies have already started picking out dresses and thinking of dinner plans. A few have already been asked out romantically. Prom will be in portland this year, and ideas such as showing up in limos and unique wardrobes are being thought of to make this night special. When the time comes, make sure to sign up any guests who are non THS students before the deadline.

A few weeks later caps and gowns will be distributed during both lunches on May 22. This is when graduation starts to become a reality instead of the far off dream it has been all year. Gowns were ordered earlier in the year, and if you missed the deadline some may still be available, but, of course, no guarantees.

The last stretch, June, starts off fast with graduation tickets going on sale on the June 1. Each senior gets eight tickets. Hopefully it stays sunny because the ticket amount is halved if it rains. if you are in need of more tickets look for a student who is willing to sell their extras because none will be sold by the school. This same day is when the publications department gets the yearbooks. If you haven’t purchased one, a few overruns will be available for a price. Remember, they run out fast!

Next is the senior awards assembly on June 6, at 9 a.m. Seniors are to wear their caps and gowns. This is where certain scholarships are announced, the senior video is played, etc. Don’t be surprised if you see a beach ball making its way around the gym.

After this week, and all technicalities such as returning library books have been dealt with, students will have made it too graduation. The day starts early for seniors. Breakfast will be at 8 a.m. in the cafeteria. The event should be free with the senior shirt purchased earlier in the year, but if you neglected to do this just pay eight dollars to the bookkeeper by May 30. Later, Graduation rehearsal will begin at 9:45. All seniors must attend this event.

Then, at 7:30 P.M. Graduation will begin. Seniors will have been there since 6:30 to prevent any last minute problems. Families can start piling in a at 6. This is the seniors final walk, and is probably the most memorable part of the last few months at Tigard High.

After this final day seniors who signed up get to bus to the secret location of the All Night Grad Party. This fun, drug-free night begins at 9:45 when buses leave.