Japan Night a success

By Rafael Ramirez, Staff Writer

Tigard High students held Japan night on Friday April 5; this year they completely changed the high school into a giant fundraiser event. All benefits and proceeds went to the clean up of debris on the Oregon coast which came from the earthquake back in 2011.

Japan Night, where people come to experience the diverse culture of Edo time Japan, to the present day culture that includes fashion, and technology. They used the activities room where they held game competitions, which could only played by buying a stamp card. They also had rooms showing Japanese cartoons called Anime; the soap opera’s of Japan, where students could watch to see their favorite shows.

The gym consisted of activities such as fish scooping where students can catch fish and keep them. “You can catch one fish for $1.50 and 2 for $2.” Said Sophomore Angela Shiau. They also held a Kendo demonstration held by professionals.

In the commons they held a tea ceremony as well as performances by acts such as a duet by Sophomore Jeseth Zaragosa and Senior Alex Chang and traditional drum players doing Taiko, simply meaning “drum” in Japanese.

“It’s really fun!” stated performer Devin Frost.

In between acts they raffled off prizes to people who bought tickets at the door. They had many stands in the Cafeteria, which had Calligraphy painting, Origami folding, and sushi.  At the end of the night they held their annual fashion show, showing off traditional wear from the Edo era. All in all the experience and the vibe Japan Night was extraordinary, some past graduates visited as well catching up with old teachers and friends.