Mentors Program provides student extra help on post secondary plans

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

The mentors program is a parent volunteer based organization that strives to help students achieve their goals. The mentors program was established in 2010 and has been providing junior and senior students with the chance to receive more help with their post secondary plans. Mentors are assigned about ten students each year. They first meet in March of the students’ junior year and again during their senior year.

“The mentors program is great for students to get a different opinion and perspective,” said Careers Center director Jill Sims, “it’s also great for those who are going to be first generation college students.”

During the individual meetings, mentors assist students in using the career center as a resource for scholarships, career days, and college visitations. There is also information about SAT’s, tests, and financial aid. The mentors program and careers center provides students with equal opportunity.

“My mentor has helped me figure out what colleges I could possibly go to, some of the colleges I haven’t even thought of,” said junior Austin Scrivner, “also they gave me ideas on how I could pay for it.”

The Mentors Program can be very helpful to students. However, there are many things students can do on their own to achieve their goals. Juniors should be beginning to research schools and planning out college visitations trips for Spring Break or Summer Break. They should also prepare for the SAT/ACT tests. As for seniors, the road is finally coming to end. All that is left is to finalize your plans, a mentor may be a great help to you at this time.