Tigard Tigers’ road to the Rose Garden

By Hannah Armstead, Staff Writer

Students’ eyes bursted wide open when the Tigard Girls Basketball looked at the scoreboard after their last playoff game.  In red, the scoreboard read 24 to 17, thus leading the girls on their way to none other than the Rose Garden.  After the previous game against Centennial, winning 57 to 42, this game against Jesuit was the deciding game whether or not their season would come to an end.  The encouragement and support from the team and the coaches is one of the main factors that contributed to their win.

“We have worked for this and we deserve it,” said coach Wes Pappas as he was talking to his teammates during pregame.

The Jesuit game was not easy, down at half time by two points, the score showing nine to 11 , the girls came back full force and determined to win!  Stalling the clock by holding the ball for much of the fourth courter, the ball was rarely on Jesuits side of the court.  The girls stayed strong and held their all until the clock struck zero and the game was over.

“This has been the most hard working, dedicated, loving team I have ever been on, these memories will always be in my heart, I couldn’t ask for better teammates and sisters,” said senior Julia Santos.

The Tigard team ran on the court with complete joy and enthusiasm.  Tigard guard Alexis (Lexi) Carter lead her team in a chant; “When I say rose you say garden, ROSE, GARDEN, ROSE, GARDEN, ROSE, GARDEN,” the Tigard team chanted.

The team was  greeted with family member and friends to take picture and celebrate with them their first road to the Rose Garden since 2010!  The Tigers next game is against  Clackamas at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in a tourney quarterfinal at the Rose Garden

As for the seniors associated in the journey to the Rose Garden this is their last change to give it their all because there wont be a next year!

“This senior year has been a dream come true, nothing could have been better than being undefeated in league, winning player of the year, and going to the Rose Garden,” said senior captain Megan Risinger.