Neffendorf settles rumors about potential THS shooting threat

By Allie Chino, Online Editor

After last week’s events at the Clackamas Towncenter and in Newtown, Connecticut, terror erupted in people’s lives. With people all over the country mourning the loss of so many innocent lives, THS students began to wonder if a series of shootings would break out in time for the scheduled “End of the World”.

Rumors in the Portland area seemed to have begun at Oregon City High School, according to Principal Mark Neffendorf, who has been investigating these rumors. One student at OCHS made a “what if” type of comment about a shooting during a school-wide assembly scheduled to be taking place Friday, Dec. 21. This rumor was proved illegitimate.

Talk of a shooting traveled to several other schools including Tualatin High School, Newberg High School, and of course, Tigard High School. Neffendorf’s investigation proves the rumors of a shooting happening at Tigard’s holiday assembly to have no credible evidence.

Neffendorf sent out emails to parents on Monday explaining the situation and urging them to let their student come to school this week without worry.