Speech and Debate cleans up at Sprague Invitational

‪The Tigard High School speech and debate team dominated the Sprague High School Invitational tournament last weekend, bringing home numerous awards.

The following students won awards:

Kasey Yoke and Ervanny Astari, 3rd in Novice Public Forum

Cassidy Cole and Kristian Allen, 3rd in Varsity Public Forum

Paul Altotsky, 2nd speaker in Value Debate

Margaret Butler, 1st speaker in Value Debate, 1st place in Value Debate

JJ Caufield, 4th speaker in junior Policy Debate

Zac Sims, 2nd speaker in junior Policy Debate

Zac Sims and JJ Caufield, 1st in junior Policy Debate (undefeated)

Courtney Bither and Narin Luangrath, 2nd in Varsity Policy Debate

Max Redman, 2nd speaker in Parliamentary Debate

Max Redman and Hadi Rahal-Arabi, 3rd in Parliamentary Debate

Kevin Jiang, 1st speaker in Parliamentary Debate

Kevin Jiang and Zach Bigej, 1st in Parliamentary Debate (undefeated).

Next up is the Silverton Invitational this weekend.