Coaches needed for Tigard High Powderpuff

Homecoming is just around the corner, and you know what that means: The annual Powderpuff contest between the tough girls in the classes.

But there’s coaching crisis.

Steve Naylor and Erik Smith are heading up the freshman team again this year, and Frank Caro and Mckenzie Coulson are staying with the  sophomore crew.

But so far, Steve Fulton is flying solo with the  juniors and the seniors  have no one to guide them to victory.

The commitment is four or five practices starting next Wednesday, and the game on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

It’s not all glory. You also get $50, a t-shirt you will be proud to wear, and the opportunity to defeat Naylor and Smith, who should not be allowed to repeat their championship from last year. Freshmen? Come on.