Tigard gets a new logo

By Hannah Armstead, Staff Writer

New school year comes with new and exciting beginnings to lead us toward who we want to be. In order for Tigard High School to become the type of school it aspires to be, it must first become recognized. To do so, Tigard High graduates, Maddie Black, Ralph Green, along with Black’s father, and Nike Athletics teamed up to create a new trademark logo for the school. Tigard High thought it would be necessary to unify their school, hence the Power T was born.

“I like the updated look! It brought us into the modern world a little bit,” said Principal Mark Neffendorf.

The main reason behind the need for a new  log0 was differences in logos among Tigard’s athletic teams. A logo was needed that symbolized them all.

“I like how all the teams have one main logo and how were all the same,” said teacher Shawn Alderman.