Tigard High Back to School Night helps teachers and parents

By Jamie Burgess, Assistant yearbook editor

Hot, stuffy, and packed with parents, the gymnasium rumbled with small talk. After the last batch of parents trickled into the crowded room and took spots standing against the wall, Principal Mark Neffendorf took center court and started the show.

Starting off with the usual welcome and declaration of how wonderful our school is, Neffendorf then talked about the new Tigard logo and parent volunteer opportunities. He kept it short, sweet, and to the point, but after his small spiel on basic school information and explanation of the ever-so-confusing block schedule, parents set off to figure out what students go through each day.

“I like Back to School night because having a freshman, I can see what it’s like for them,” said parent Emily Smith. Veteran Tigard High School parents walked the halls with confidence but the newer ones wandered around with a confused look on their face. MEChA and leadership members grouped in the hallways and helped everyone they could, directing people to the right classes.

“I can put a face to the parents of my students and they can see who is teaching their kids,” said history teacher Murray Carlisle. Not only is back to school night beneficial for the parents, but it gives teachers the ability to get important information directly to the source. Another year, another start and this one proved to be helpful and informative.