Rachel Cohn’s “Beta” – A must read!

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

Rachel Cohn’s newest book “Beta” is out in bookstores now!

If you like dystopian novels, ones that you can actually relate to, this is a book for you. Don’t know what a dystopian novel is? Think “Hunger Games.” Do I have your attention now?

“Beta” is about a girl named Elysia. She would seem like an average teen-age girl… Except that she is a clone created solely for serving humans on the island of Demesne. And everyone knows, clones don’t have souls right? Or at least, that’s what the humans want them to think. When the clones start to realize that they can feel, things jump-start and Elysia must deal with her own inner insurrection.

“Beta” is a great book, with plot twists and surprises in every chapter. Its the kind of book that will make you beg for a sequel. I highly recommend it!