THS thespians pep up students for zombie dance and rival basketball game

By Allie Chino, Asst. Online Editor

As THS students piled into the gym and made their way to the bleachers, decked out in white on Friday, Jan. 20, the thespian troupe prepared for their feast. Hyping up the student body for the Tigard vs. Tualatin basketball games and the Winter Formal dance, the zombie themed assembly excited the crowd.

The Tigard vs. Tualatin Defend to the End basketball game will be Friday night starting at 5:45 p.m. Black Rock Coffee Bar, Jamba Juice, and Koi Fusion will be sponsoring the event, so be sure to wait for dinner until the game. It’s a white out, so show your school spirit.

The assembly continues with seniors Elaine Akamian and Skyler Stewart, and junior Maddie Pedersen running away from zombie thespians, and narrated the assembly to a perfectly memorized script, as they announced the Winter Formal court. The Winter Formal King and Quees are Katie Gentry and MacKenzie Smith.

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