Human Rights Award nominations

By Kari O'Donnell, Staff Writer

Is there anyone here at Tigard High School, a teacher or student you look up to? Someone who is always doing the right thing, and speaking up against intolerance towards different groups? Do they speak up against “bullies” or volunteer at any organizations? If any of this is true, you can nominate them for the Human Rights Award, and they will be honored at the Human Rights Assembly on Feb. 8.

Here’s how it will work. First, during your second 2A class, on Jan. 18, you can nominate as many people as you think qualify for this award, and then narrow it down to five nominations per person. Second, write their first and last name clearly, then after that, write three or more sentences explaining why you nominated the person. This information will determine whether or not the person is chosen to be honored with the award. Next, add letters of recommendation to the back of the page, and then lastly, return this nomination form to activities by the end of second period on Jan. 20.

Recognize people who:

  1. Positively promote human rights.
  2. Speak out against discrimination and injustice.
  3. Attempt to stop intolerance.
  4. Make significant contributions to the life of a person outside of their family or peer group.
  5. Build bridges of communication between groups normally divided in our society.
  6. Are models for others to follow in treating all people equally regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, age, or handicapped status.