P.E. facilities shut down due to ringworm scare


By Kari O'Donnell, Staff Writer

The men’s locker room, weight room and wrestling room are shut down today, interfering with all P.E. classes. The Tigard Tualatin school district ordered these rooms to be closed and restricted from student activity, because of a parent calling the school complaining about their son “catching” ring worm from lifting weights.

Apparently, the young man was lifting weights after school without his shirt on, caught ringworm, and blamed it on the lack of cleanliness of the school. The Tigard-Tualatin school district ordered the rooms to be thoroughly cleaned, and these rooms will be closed until further notice. According to Mr. Alderman, a P.E. teacher at Tigard High school, until re-opened, all P.E. classes will meet in the large gym, and girl’s weightlifting classes will meet in the upper balcony.