Got Spirit?

By Raymond Corral, HiSpots Design Editor

It’s that time of year, the time you get to show off your school spirit. Our spirt days are back for the holidays for our last day week of school in the year 2011.

On Monday, show off the coolest holiday hats you’ve got in “Holiday Hat Day”. Wouldn’t you want to be one of Santa’s little helpers?

On Tuesday, freshmen will be dressed up as elves, sophomores as snowmen, juniors as reindeers, and seniors as candy canes. On Wednesday, come in sweats, high socks, and a “cozy” sweater on “Cozy Day”.

Of course, on Thursday, going with the traditional holiday outllook, it’s “Ugly Sweater Day” so come in the ugliest holiday sweater you can find!

And last but not least, Friday is “Sock Day”.

As well as demonstrating what school spirit you have, head to the Tiger Cage on any day you choose to dress up and you will recieve a free candy cane, compliments of Lauren Chan, Karyl Kanada, and Kaitlyn Yarnell.