Cyber bullying presentation brings awareness

By Hadi Rahal-Arabi, Guest Writer

Second block was extended yesterday to bring awareness to cyber bullying through student discussion and a video from Jostens entitled “Pause Before You Post”. Students were given tips on safe social networking, and how to avoid cyber bullying. The focus was being wary of what you post, because you don’t know who will end up seeing it, and who you could hurt.

But many Tigard students criticize this focus. They believe the focus should not be on what they post, but whom they affiliate themselves with.

“It’s not necessary for us to be in contact with as many people as we are,” said student Kyle Olson. “We post everything, even when we don’t know the people reading it too well.”

Focus aside, all Tigard students take cyber bullying seriously, especially now that social networking is such an important part of our lives.

“I think that cyber bullying is such a big problem because people who are affected by it can’t get away from it,” says junior Margaret Butler. “Their torture is at school and at home, so it’s like they feel so unsafe no matter where they go. It’s going to be such a battle to manage over time as technology becomes a bigger part of our lives.”