Halloween Rooms a success


By Raymond Corral, HiSpots Desgin Editor

Last night, Tigard High School hosted its yearly Halloween Rooms, turning out to be a huge success. 

All sorts of costumes were present; from the typical pumpkin and Spider Man outfits to an unusual skeleton man. Even our own student body had to push for that over-the-top classroom that made all of the kids scream and shout and I’m pretty sure you know which one did just that.

The Thespians went another direction and ended up frightening the little kids with “Haunted Candyland”. They may have scared the children but they usually win most creative and best all around for their theme.

Our own staff ended up bringing a few of their own, such as Amber Manning, Francis Caro, Marcus and Connie Jolley, and Pete Kostel. If I say so myself, all of their kids had to have been the cutest kids ever, especially little Cameron Jolley, who came as Tigger from “The Winnie the Pooh” childhood books and television show.

If you weren’t there, there is always next year. Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween night!