Best & Most results

By Katie Gentry, Executive Editor

Class Clown

Andre Metternich and Ashley Sellner

Worst Driver

Corey Walker and Paige Herbst

Best Hair

Kavan Nguyen and Kristin Perry

Best Smile

Chris Mackenzie and Katie Schaeffer

Best Personality

Roble Jama and Tess Langseth

Most Likely to Succeed

Sean Sakaguchi and Kayley Broyles

Most Likely to be on Reality TV

Chad Colson and Erin Bennett

Most Spirited

Tanner Bean and Maddie Boyce

Most Athletic

Sean McGetrick and Maddie Black

Most Talented

Jozef Zaragoza and Tanah Dalton

Future Talk Show Host

Isaac Schimmels and Kaitlyn Yarnell

Biggest Flirt

Drew Nyberg and Tawnya Fulton

Best Laugh

Jeremy Moore and Zoe Jedan

Most Sarcastic

Ryan Smidt and Gloria Kisan

Most Likely to be a THS Teacher

Ivan Kallevag and Hannah Coursolle

Best Dressed

Brian Reverman and Josi O’Farrell

Winners will be contacted next week and scheduled for their pictures. If you have any questions, contact Katie Gentry at 503-709-3931.