Truck hits side of a bus at a turn onto Durham


By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Students of Tigard High were buzzing about a bus accident on Thursday, Oct. 13. The accident took place around 3:10 p.m. after school that day.

Bus route 30 was taking a full bus home that day and as it was about to turn on to Durham, a navy blue Toyota Tundra struck the left side of the bus.

Sophomore Brett Weiss, who was sitting on the side where the bus hit, said, “Everyone on the right yielded for the bus to turn but [the] truck was being impatient and tried to pull up in front a large moving van, and didn’t see that the bus had already started to make its turn.”

Nobody was hurt but it held up traffic along Durham and the students on the bus waited about 35 minutes for officers to collect the names of students on the bus. There were few damages to the bus, but the front left corner of the truck was damaged. The same bus eventually took the students home safely.

“It was the probably the most exciting bus ride of my life,” said Weiss.