To pie or not to pie?


Senior Arianna Husband is the sole organizer of the Pie in the Face fundraiser.

By Ashton Babcock, Online Editor

At the Homecoming Assembly Oct. 21, one lucky student will be throwing a pie at three chosen teachers as part of a fundraiser for Mr. Wilson’s Shakespeare class field trip to Ashland in November.

Raffle tickets are $1, and you can buy them at both lunches wherever they’re sold (usually the Commons), just look for the posters. You can also donate as much money as you want to the available teachers, and whichever three have the most at the end will be hit with pies in front of the entire student body.

You may wonder what teachers would possibly give permission, but senior Arianna Husband, the organizer of the fundraiser, got a total of 16 teachers to agree to participate, including Vice Principal Barb Proctor, Pete Kostel from security, and our very own Publications adviser Nancy Mayer.

“I’m hoping to raise at least $500,” said Husband. “I think it will be hilarious to see a teacher get a pie in the face.”

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