State colleges visiting to discuss future options



A poster of all the state schools coming to talk to students about their future options.

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

Wednesday, Oct. 12, Oregon colleges such as Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Western Oregon University, Portland Community College, and University of Oregon will be holding a meeting in the main gym at 9:30 a.m.. These colleges will be coming to inform both juniors and seniors about the strengths and benefits of attending their college and help seniors decide which college they want to attend come next fall.

If you plan on attending this meeting, you should have some good questions ready to ask. According to Counselor Tori Alderman, some good questions to ask are; Have there been any admission changes for the fall of 2012 that students need to know about? What are you looking for in the application process? What stands out in a student? Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Also don’t forget to inform your second block teacher you will be attending the meeting.

Every school is a little different, so try to figure out which college best suites you when they come to visit, and even venture to visit their campuses in the near future–don’t miss out on the chance to find your dream school!