‘Above the Influence’


By Raymond Corral, HiSpots Design Editor

Stop Tigard Underage Drinking Club (STUD) will be hosting an “Above the Influence” contest. Anyone will have the chance to enter a drawing, painting or picture that will demonstrate being “above the influence” and relate to the anti-drug campaign.

It must be school appropriate. STUD will disqualify any applicant from the competition if they do not cooperate.

All entries must be turned into John Kemper’s school mailbox by Oct. 12 at 3 p.m. with name and grade. The submission must be no bigger than 8 1/2 X 11.

Voting will take place Oct. 17 through Oct. 26. Students can place any amount of money in the box of the competitor they wish to vote for. The winner will be decided Oct. 26 by the total amount of money that was collected in their box.

If you’re interested or have any other questions, talk to junior Blake Chamberlain or senior Raymond Corral.