Facebook users don’t ‘like’ changes

Facebook users don’t ‘like’ changes

The ticker, one of Facebook’s new features, is located right above the chat bar.

By Emily Pfeiffer, Staff Writer

In the past six months, Facebook has added many advancements to their website. One of the most recent advancements has been the new chat system. The new chat now separates your online friends into two different sections. In the upper portion of your chat sidebar, it shows people with whom you chat the most. In the lower portion, it will show friends you don’t have any contact with at all.

Another new thing Facebook has added is lists on your home page that try and sort all of your friends. Some of the lists include family, close friends and even co-workers.

The last new change has been the new set up for your news feed. Instead of showing you all top stories, it just shows you the top stories for the past two days. Also, whenever there are new stories, you have to click a new link to access them.

Some say the recent upgrades are a push for Facebook to seem more advanced than the newest social networking website Google+.  Most reviews of the new Facebook have been negative.

Who knows how long the new Facebook will last?