THS Marching Band starts the 2011 season

By Jamie Burgess, Staff Writer

For the past few years, the Tigard High School Marching Band has proved to be entertaining as well as talented. Last year they won first place at state in the class A division and are praised for their wonderfully funny and creative shows.  During half-time at the first football home game, the band was able to showcase a part of this year’s show.

Aside from normal practice, they have sectional practice and games to perform at. The marching band practices a minimum of eight hours a week working on their music, choreography, and sportsmanship.

“Marching band is a sport.” said third year marcher Gabriela Guizar, “We practice, we compete, and we work hard. Just because music is involved doesn’t make it any less of a sport than football or soccer.”

You can catch them performing during half-time at the next home game and at competitions on each Saturday in October.