Are you ready for this?

By Emma Johnson, Staff Writer

The Welcome Back Assembly started out with a performance of the National Anthem. Siblings EJ and Shannon Dela Cruz
harmonized for a screaming crowd ready with their praise. Next was a homemade video by two junior friends who showed their undying love for eachother. There was beach time, romantic football, and even some baking!

Then the entire gym turned into the land of Oz! Out came Dorothy looking good next to his bestie the Tin Man. We all got to meet the Munchkin King, Glinda, and the Wizard who let us in on a little secret… we are being watched!

We also got to enjoy a performance by Senior Tanah Dalton, and a big shirt spitting dragon.

The assembly ended with laughter as two Freshman fought over one of the shirts that was conveniently the same color as tonight’s game’s theme… BLACK OUT!