Business days a success

By Patrick Yassa, Staff Writer

The Commons were buzzing with activity Aug 30 and Sept 1, as “Business Days” were implemented for the first time. The area was set up with various stations, manned by volunteers and students from the National Honor Society, to get some “business” done before school starts.

Parents and students were encouraged to arrive during times assigned by grade level. Sophomores and Juniors were assigned the first day, and Freshmen and Seniors the second.

Students started at the fee stations to get a head start on paying for yearbooks, PE lockers, and parking permits. Then they moved to the picture station for ID cards and school pictures. The next stop was to pick up the highly anticipated draft schedule, and finally to the last table for locker assignments.

This was the first year that the school has tried this formula, in an attempt to reduce the amount of class time devoted to these things during the first week of school.

Principal Neffendorf was pleased with the turn out of approximately 800 students from the Sophomore and Junior classes on Tuesday.