Mark your calendars

Leadership released information on fall events

By Deja Fitzwater, Freelance Reporter


     On Wednesday, Sept. 29, leadership teacher and ASB Advisor, Jesse Abell, hosted the year’s first ICC Breakfast Meeting in his room at 7:50 a.m. At such an early time in the morning, the blueberry muffins, bagels, grapes, and oranges that were displayed on a table looked, “Very appetizing and very delicious,” Vice President of Movie Critic Club, senior Maggie Troxell said.

     “I know we asked you all to be here at 7:50 a.m., and we really appreciate you all being here,” senior Delena Do said. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve woken up this early in over two years.” 

     As the leader of the ICC meeting for that day, Do talked about the club events that will most likely be happening in the fall. 

     The first item that Do had on the agenda was to give more information on the Homecoming Parade. She and another student from leadership went on to explain how there was no theme to the Homecoming Parade that will take place on Oct. 8. 

     “You can have a truck, a truck with a trailer, or even walk,” senior Lindsey Mills said. “Most people walk, and you can hold up banners or signs that represent your club! The point of the parade is to promote your club and to get people to join, so look how you want and make your own theme for your clubs!”

     Do and Mills also mentioned club rush, and how it would be situated a bit differently this year.

     “We still are unsure as to where or how we are holding club rush this year,” Do said. “We hope for it to take place on Oct. 13, and we know that it will be more socially distanced and structured than compared to previous years.” 

     The purpose of ICC is to support club leaders and help clubs run smoother which is why leadership is asking all club representatives and advisors to respond to emails and attend the required ICC meetings so that, “we can all be on the same page.”