Unified soccer team breaks boundaries between students


By Juliette Tisseur, Student writer

Special education students will come together this spring with other Tigard High School students for a season of soccer playing and unity through the Tigard Unified Soccer Team. Unified soccer gives students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a school sport. Each athlete has a partner that guides and encourages them on and off the field.

Last year, two teams were created to maximize the playing time of all the athletes, however this year one team will be created consisting of 20 players. After a great season, the team is prepared to take home the win this spring.

In 2015, the Unified team received a championship win and best sportsmanship award. This year the determination is even higher.

Unified would not be a team without alumna Sela Brazier of 2015.

“I wanted to make some kind of difference at Tigard High this year,” said Brazier in a KGW interview. Brazier’s difference has spread awareness and acceptance in the Tigard High School community.

She decided to pass the coaching torch to sophomore Morgan Truair and junior Brittany Eng. Both girls participated as partners last year and are hoping for a another great year.

“I wanted to be apart of something as incredible as this because it was giving the opportunity to students who never had the opportunity before,” said Truair.

Truair strives for a team with no exclusiveness and an enjoyable season as one. Eng wants to give the opportunity for students and athletes to build relationships outside the classroom setting. Eng is hoping to make Unified a larger part of the school community.

“I am excited to see our Unified team grow and expand the program to create more opportunities for both players and athletes,” said Eng.