Ink 5 brings musical twist to the stage

By Nicole Pelissier, Staff Writter

For the fifth consecutive year, the advanced theatre class will be putting on their production of a set of student written and directed one acts: Ink 5. For this production, each student wrote their own ten page play with the theme of music, and of those, three will be performed, opening Thursday February 6.

Theatre director Todd Hermanson directed the first of four shows, “Bed and Breakfast” by Richard Dresser. In this scene two couples are eating in a modest bed and breakfasts. One couple, a pair of newlyweds, are unhappy in their marriage, where the other couple have been together for years and are still finding ways to be happy.

Romeo and Juliet, a classic tale, is turned upside down in Junior Paris Courtney’s piece, “Romeo and Juliet: The Musical” directed by senior Paul Harestad. In the play, young actors Tina and Josh are cast as the leading roles in their school’s production of Shakespeare’s classic, and must learn to compromise in order to ensure the show’s success.

Senior Ryan Lewis’ play brings an extra dramatic flair to the stage in his play “Noir” directed by senior Audrey O’Farrell. Private investigator Coulson Steel is on the job when young artist Rose comes to him asking for help to recover her stolen statue. In cracking the case, Steel might just crack open his past as well.

Finally, the close the show, a touching act by senior Bobbie Pereda, and directed by senior Ryan Carnell, titled “65.” In the park one afternoon, and elderly couple sits and ponders their relationship and the 65 years they had been together, while watching a young couple in the park near them.

Ink 5 is sure to cause a laugh and maybe bring  a tear to the audience’s eye as the hardworking students show off their writing, acting, and directing talents. Sophomore Taylor Wilhoit says “Working on Ink has been a lot of work, but totally worth it.”