Who will win Juan Pablo’s heart?

Who will win Juan Pablos heart?

By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

Is it the abs? Is it the striking charm? Or is it the romantic Venezuelan accent? What is it that makes women of America melt over season 18 bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis?

After previously being a contestant during season 17 and finding there was no chemistry between him and bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, it seemed inevitable for this fun-loving heart-stopper to be this season’s bachelor.

Juan Pablo has a life full of fun between playing professional soccer and raising his daughter Camila; it seems he has it all. But, there’s one piece he is missing in his fast-paced life: a wife and mother for Camila, which is why he is searching for love this season on The Bachelor.

With the excitement of season 16’s bachelor Sean Lowe’s wedding to Catherine Giudici, America has been in full-throttle keeping a close eye on this season. So who is predicted to win over JP’s heart?

This season, there are many seemingly striking, pleasant, and beautiful contestants that are all at competition to make a good impression on Galavis. With a range of occupations, from NBA dancer to pediatrician to dog-lover to free-spirit to opera singer, this season is sure to have conflicts among the women in the house, which gets the heart pumping and keeps America on their toes while watching on Monday nights.

Jimmy Kimmel predicts that the final 3 contestants will be the spunky and fun-loving Andi Dorfman, genuine and mother-like Renee Oteri, and the sweet blonde pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell. Kimmel’s predictions were based on how the chemistry appeared on-air and how their personalities play out and mesh with JP’s.

So is Kimmel right? America, cross your fingers and hope your favorites win!