Tips for a good semester start

Tips for a good semester start

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

New classes, teachers, and grades start the semester off with a clean slate. Follow these tips to keep up grades and begin the second half of the school year on the right track!

1. Be on time. Arriving in class before the bell rings will create a less stressful environment and let you adjust to your new surrounding. Also, it will give you time to make sure you’re in the right class before the embarrassment of roll-call.

2. Introduce yourself. Although kissing up to teachers may not be a usual priority to you, being polite and making a good first impression could eventually lead to your grade rounding up at the end of the year.

3. Do your homework. As much as it gets drilled into our heads, and as much as we love to procrastinate as teenagers, doing homework when you’re less busy will provide more time to study for big projects and less homework build-up.

4. Stay organized. A planner, notes in your phone, or even a sticky-note will help to remember what you’re supposed to be doing and when your stuff is due. Sometimes memory is just not enough when all your current classes have brand new information for you.

5. Make friends. Classes, or life in general, always seems to be easier and more enjoyable with fun people around.

6. Get as much sleep as possible. Although it’s hard and we complain about it all too often, sleeping is necessary to health. It helps us focus and pay attention during classes, which is helpful during a new schedule.

7. Eat breakfast. Again, a healthy breakfast in the morning provides an excellent energy burst, as well as snacks throughout the day. Drinking water will also help your body not make awkward noises during quiet classes, resulting in you being able to focus. Staying hydrated will also help you stay awake even during those boring lectures.

8. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay, there are plenty of people willing to help with whatever you need. Enjoy the last semester before summer!