New year, new failure?

By Linh Le, Staff Writer

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes so that they can be a better person for the new year. Making a resolution is very easy to do, but at times not easy to keep. It’s only the beginning of January and ironically people have already failed keeping their resolutions.

One reason why people don’t keep their resolution is that they might just want an excuse to reinvent themselves. The phrase “New year, new me” is often said but sometimes not meant. It’s hard to change one’s habits and personality and when the new year comes around, there is a sudden desire to change. The hype over New Year’s can possibly make people over-ambitious and unrealistic. Senior Emily Coates admits she couldn’t keep her resolution.

“My New Year’s resolution was to wake up earlier for school so I can have more time to get ready and look good,” Coates explained, “but then I realized I like sleep more.”

Another reason why New Year’s resolutions are failed is because of no willpower and fear. People might set their goals too high making it hard to achieve. When the excitement after making your goal is gone, that is when fear rolls in — you start thinking about the downside. That’s when a person goes back to their old habits, thus breaking their resolution.

“I said I would cut back on Black Rock but that hasn’t really worked out for me,” senior Camille Petitjean confessed, “But [Black Rock has] Two Dollar Tuesday, so it’s cheap and delicious so I just couldn’t resist.”

It might seem easy to just give up on resolutions because of fear of change. Don’t give up! Focus on the process rather than the end goal.