Does technology better or worsen society?


By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Over and over again we hear about our generation being told we’re too involved in electronics. Some cases are worse than others. Few may be thinking, “Me? No way,” as they double tap a picture on Instagram, retweet that cute guy from math class, or beat their next level in Candy Crush. Let’s be honest, we may be in denial, or we may not fall into the category of addicted, but the our generation’s fascination in technology is one phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be going away.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine are just a few examples in the social-media-sphere. They are constantly updating people about happenings in their lives, providing faster and easier communication than ever before. So much access to others can create attention-catching, relatable, and sometimes very funny conversations. However, the potential for a hostile environment to others is certainly attainable, which is one of the downsides to social media.

For the most part, pictures and updates represent the good things going on in peoples’ lives.

Freshman Kylie Warren exclaims, “I love Instagram!”

The entertainment factor of our devices is another complication. The temptation to use them during class is so unavoidable, it has become a habit many worry about breaking. Games, music, shopping, and more supply us with numerous ways of amusement. But these distractions also make useful tools in order to study, maintain and organize work, and occasionally teach us new information.

Sophomore Cameron Oldham comments, “I use the StudentVUE app to check my grades a lot.”

Fixated or phone-less, the era of technology is upon us. Discovering how to use it to better ourselves, or enjoy leisurely amusement, mark only the beginning of this age of technology.