Hot list Christmas gifts

Hot list Christmas gifts

By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

Your guide to popular and most wanted gifts for the holidays

Your mom, your dad, your friends, your lover: there’s a lot of gifts to give! But what do you surprise people on your list with? With sites such as Amazon, eBay, and etsy, shoppers have the capability to generously gift at their fingertips.

When students were asked what they wanted for Christmas, there was a wide variety of answers. Senior Jay Reddicks wants Pearl Studio headphones for drumming.

Senior David Fiddes sings, “baby all I want for Christmas is you!”

Senior Samantha Sun wants, “what [she] always wants…kittens.”

The active senior Alina Chobu wants a pair of running shoes as a gift! Like many girls, sophomore Kate Thresher wants clothes, clothes, clothes!

Students were asked what they thought the most popular gift of the year was. Junior Jake Logan guesses “uh…money”, and Sun agrees with him. Reddicks thought that everyone would want socks, “I mean who doesn’t like socks?” Chobu thought the most popular gift was an iPhone.

According to the Latin Post, the most popular gaming gifts are Xbox One and PS4. If that’s too high priced, there are games such as “The Last of Us, Super Mario World 3D, and Assassin’s Creed IV” (yahoo news). The Huffington Post claims that the most popular gift for women this year is a Pandora bracelet. These may not exactly be in a desirable price range, but they can spark grand ideas to give the best gifts.