Gifts that give back

Gifts that give back

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

While it’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other gift giving holiday, take a step away from the hustle and bustle of buying the latest electronic or fashion trend. Instead, give gifts that will not only be a great gift for the people on your list, but ones that will help those in need all around the world.


One Direction Limited Edition Nail Polish, 5 Pack

For the One Directioner in your life, these nail polishes will bring you one step closer to Harry Styles while helping the world. Ten percent of the proceeds from the nail polish collection goes to helping support programs that “enhance quality of life for children, strengthen communities, and empower schools and non-profit organizations” (Office Depot Foundation). For example, the foundation was able to provide 300,000 elementary school children with backpacks full of school supplies this year. Items like the One Direction nail polish set will looks cute on your nails and will do good in the community.

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FEED 1 Bag or Backpack

A great gift for any anyone on your gift list is a FEED bag or backpack. The bags are made with natural, environmentally-friendly materials with fair-labor production and help feed the world with each purchased bag. The bags range in price from $20 to $495 and each have a different “impact” on the world. Their mission is to provide meals for hungry people, especially children, all over the world, as well as helping countries where a disaster hit, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Buying a “FEED one bag” provides a year’s worth of meals to a school child in a starving nation and the bag is really functional and cute. Since the company was created in 2005, FEED has donated $6 million dollars and provided 60 million meals. That is truly fashion for a cause.


Turtle Checkers

Terra Toys and World Wildlife Foundation

If you have a little sister, brother, niece, nephew, or kid that lives next door on your list, steer them away from the electronics by getting them a gift that helps them to use their brain while playing and having fun. Another benefit to the wide variety of puzzles and games offered by Terra Toys is 5% of each purchase goes to the World Wildlife Foundation, which works in 100 countries to help preserve nature and reduce threats to a balanced ecosystem. Since the games represent a large number of species the WWF is trying to protect, you can even choose your sibling/nephew/friend’s favorite animal!

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TOMS Shoes or Accessory

Most people are familiar with Toms’ mission- for every one pair of shoes they sell, the company will donate a pair to a child in need. Although most people already own a pair of these durable, multi purpose shoes, what they don’t have or might not even know about is all the other products this company has to offer. Along with expanding their shoe collection to include wedges, boots, and brogues Toms also offers sunglasses, shirts, hats, iPhone cases, and more! These items are also a part of Tom’s One for One mission statement and they’ll still donate a pair of shoes with each purpose. Time to start shopping for a cause!