Cold Weather Style Guide

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

As the days get darker and the weather gets colder, looking cute in the morning takes a backseat to the warmth your huge Northface jacket brings. If you’re realizing this is the fourth day in a row you’ve worn the same fuzzy jacket and pair of boots, it’s time to change it up. Looking warm and staying cute can be easy with these styling tips and tricks.

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Fur is a big winter trend and is easy to style into your wardrobe. It keeps you so warm that you won’t even realize how stylish you’re being. If a total fur vest or oversized scarf seem too glamorous for high school, a fur headwrap will bring the style in an understated and super cute way that will keep your ears toasty warm. Just make sure to choose faux fur- you can be stylish while saving the bunnies!


Skirts aren’t just for summer! They’re actually easier to style than jeans and can provide lots of warmth with what you pair them with. Layer lots of scarves, jackets, and sweaters over to create an interesting outfit and escape the cold- no one has to know you’re wearing an under armour shirt underneath!

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Sometimes it’s too cold and you have to just give up and grab your huge puffer jacket. However, just because you’re choosing warmth doesn’t mean you have to give up style! Add a sparkly statement necklace to add glamour to your look and make it less about the coat and more about the style. If bling isn’t in your vocabulary pairing your jacket with a huge scarf takes the focus off your jacket and up towards your face.

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