The trend growing on us

The trend growing on us

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Pack up the pumpkins and start browsing for Thanksgiving recipes, the month of November is upon us! Most associate the cooling air and holiday decorations with aspects such as less school, more food, and the beginning of sweater weather.

An alternative feature of this particular month, however, is the well-known tradition “No Shave November”. Some people think this ritual is simply out of pure laziness. But the deeper meaning behind the hairy custom is actually to promote cancer awareness. Resisting the urge to rid hair is thought of as a tribute to people who are forced to lose theirs due to illness.

“It’s an awesome way to show some pride!” stated sophomore Adam Stack.

The idea is that the money you save on grooming items can be donated instead to cancer research funds. There are specific organizations that handle contributions or specialize in selling “No Shave November” merchandise such as shirts and bracelets. If you’re trying to be more frugal, hide the scissors and razors to show your support! This month is about to get furry.

Junior Daniel Sacks says, “Beards keep a brother warm.”

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