“Too old” for trick-or-treating?

By Linh Le, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year where cute little girls dress up as their favorite princess and little boys portray their favorite Power Ranger character. But lets be honest, it all for one reason: free candy.

Halloween is a day where kids dress up in costumes and go from house to house yelling “trick-or-treat” and in return they recieve a piece of candy. Nowadays, teenagers either stay home to hand out candy to the little ones or hang out with their friends on All Hallows Eve. However, there are still some that go all out in costumes and still go trick-or-treating. At what age is it time to stop?

“I think [trick-or-treating is] acceptable as long as you’re taking younger children with you and not really asking for candy,” said senior Erin Freeborn. “Such as in the past two years I’ve dressed up and have taken my little cousins so that they could get candy not me. It all works out because one of them doesn’t like chocolate so they give it all to me!”

Maturity may be a reason why some teenagers don’t go trick-or-treating anymore. Free candy may seem like a good deal, but dressing up may sound “childish” and “uncool”. Some teenagers, like sophomore Kenny Luong, are not hyped about Halloween.

“I don’t really care much for Halloween anymore,” said Luong. “It was fun when I was a kid but now that I’m in high school not so much. I personally think dressing up is fun to do on Halloween but trick-or-treating is something fun for younger kids since they love candy so much.”

 As long as you have  the Halloween spirit, trick-or-treating as a teenager can be socially acceptable.  As they say, age is just a number.