Sparrow Bowl teams have been drafted

By Rebecca Ramirez, Staff Writer

Two year old Judy, an Egyptian immigrant, has been diagnosed with life threatening brain disorders and a chronic digestive disorder. Tigard High students are putting on the second annual Sparrow Bowl to help Judy’s family raise money for her medical bills. Unfortunately, Judy was too sick to attend the assembly, but she will be at the Sparrow Bowl.

With the Sparrow Bowl quickly approaching, each class drafted their staff players at a p.m. assembly today. In the first round of the Sparrow Bowl, the freshman will play the seniors, and the sophomores will go head to head with the junior team.

Organized by junior Kelsey Weigel, there will also be a Sparrow movie night at Tigard High football stadium tomorrow, at 5:30 p.m. The movie “Wreck It Ralph” and “The Avengers” will be shown. Students involved with the Sparrow team are also selling bracelets for $1 that say “Judy” and “Sparrow” on them.

“It’s so cool that the whole school comes together on this one thing,” said Key Club vice president Rachel Ramirez. “And for freshman and sophomores, they’ll have Sparrow every year of high school.”